Human Resources is comprised of several divisions that specialize in particular functions, but also work closely together to serve you. Below is a description of the services each area provides as well as links to additional information. Still not sure where to turn for answers to your questions or concerns? Call 215-204-7174 and someone will direct you accordingly.

Absence Management

The Absence Management team administers the university's leaves of absence and workers' compensation programs. The team continuously evaluates and updates policies and procedures that contribute to the safety and well-being of our faculty and staff.

Benefits Administration

Temple is committed to providing eligible faculty and staff with competitive, comprehensive benefits packages including health plans, pension plans and a full menu of voluntary benefits. The Benefits division is responsible for administering these programs. The Total Wellness program is also administered by the benefits administration team. Total Wellness provides resources and tools to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle while earning rewards and discounts toward future benefit contributions.


The Compensation team is responsible for the development, ongoing evaluation and implementation of the university’s compensation practices and policies. As a vital contributor to talent management, the compensation team evaluates university and individual pay models to ensure consistency, competitiveness and adherence to Temple policies and governmental regulations. This team provides strategic support throughout the university for planning, recruitment and retention.

Employment Services

Employment Services representatives serve as strategic HR partners and internal consultants to the university's schools, colleges and operational units. Together we develop and promote practices that encourage employee retention and development, operational efficiency, and compliance. We are responsible for the hiring and vetting of all administrative and staff positions throughout the university, as well as the onboarding of all employees.

Labor and Employee Relations

The team in Labor and Employee Relations are internal consultants for all members of the university community and HR on matters related to university policy, collective bargaining agreements, employee performance, and HR policy and practices. These representatives negotiate and administer collective bargaining agreements and ensures compliance with those agreements as well as university policy and city, state and federal employment regulations. In addition, the team manages unemployment compensation and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations requests, and exit interviews.

Learning and Development

Focused on providing faculty and staff with a full complement of professional and personal skill development opportunities, Learning and Development seeks to bring out the best in our employees while contributing to their career development. Partnering with HR colleagues, this team works with the university community to identify opportunities for skill and competency development and provides the necessary tools, resources and support to accomplish individual and universitywide goals.

Payroll Management

The Payroll Management division is responsible for the university’s payroll system including data management and security, employee timekeeping, tax compliance, wage garnishment, and other payroll functions. The payroll management team also liaisons with governmental and regulatory agencies to ensure appropriate payroll reporting and compliance.