LifeWorks provides free confidential counseling, consultations, referrals, and online access to hundreds of articles, toolkits, podcast, webinars and much more. Their services are available to employees on-line 24/7 or call 1(888) 267-8126.

LifeWorks blends the employee assistance program (EAP) with personalized well-being resources that can support you and your dependents with issues related to family, health, life, money and work. The Employee Assistance Program is offered through LifeWorks to all full-time University faculty and staff.

LifeWorks provides support for issues relating to:

Accessing the LifeWorks platform is easy. The features of the platform include:

Features available on the lifeworks portal

   * On-line Chat

   * Lifestyle Assessments

   * Webinars

   * Financial Well-being Assessments & Calculators

   * Personalized Daily Well-being Tips

   * Wellness Health Assessments

   * LIFT Free Fitness App

   * Tool kits

   * Childcare Search Resources

   * Elder Care Locator

   * Monthly Bulletin

Contact Us

For questions regarding the Employee Assistance Program, call (215) 926-2270 or email