Forms Access

Forms are accessible via the University Forms channel under the Staff Tools tab in TUportal. Using the search function, you can search by form name, office, department, school/college and/or category.

Completed forms should be returned via the HR Documents Upload For Employees channel in TUportal. Log in and navigate to TUportal > Staff Tools tab > HR Documents Upload For Employees channel.

Request for Disability Accommodation

The purpose of this form is to assist the university in determining the extent a reasonable accommodation can be made for an employee with a disability to perform one or more essential functions of their job effectively. The request is treated confidentially. Return the completed form to our office.

ADA Certification

Temple University is an equal opportunity employer and as such we provide a variety of job accommodation(s). The ADA Certification form is used to document the necessary information needed to determine what accommodation, if any, that can be made for an employee. Since each accommodation is unique, requests are handled on an individual basis. Return the completed form to our office.

Disciplinary Report

A disciplinary report documents discipline issued to a union employee for failing to meet expected standards of performance or conduct. The form specifies which section(s) of the Rules of Conduct were violated and documents the level and date of action. The form is signed by the supervisor, employee and the employee’s union representative (if applicable). 

General and verbal counselings, for A Level attendance violations, are not discipline but are documented on the form. A copy is maintained by the supervisor/department. Discipline issued for written warning and above are documented on the form, and a copy of the form is provided to our office for placement in the employee’s official personnel file.

Discipline issued to nonunion employees should be documented on a memo to the employee. A copy of the memo is provided to the employee and to our office for placement in the employee’s official personnel file.

Exit Interview

Help us make Temple University a better place to work by completing an exit interview questionnaire. Your honest and open responses are important to us. The information from the questionnaire is confidentially reviewed within our office and will not be entered into your personnel file. The information you provide will serve to assist us in developing policies and practices that reflect the needs of our employees. Your responses will not affect future references or prospects for reemployment.

Termination Checklist

The process of terminating an employee can be cumbersome. To help managers and administrators through this process, the termination checklist is an itemized outline of what is required of management when going to the process of employment separation. Return the completed form to our office.

Grievance Form

A grievance is a dispute concerning the interpretation/application of the collective bargaining agreement and is filed by the union on behalf of one or more employees. The Grievance Form documents the nature of the grievance, alleged violations of the collective bargaining agreement and the remedy sought to resolve the grievance. Depending on the step in the grievance process, the form can be signed by the union representative, employee and management official. The completed form is returned to our office to initiate the grievance process.

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