These are several a la carte optional plans designed as an addition to your core benefits package. For some of these plans, plan copayment and/or employee contributions may be required. Plan copayments are based on the employee’s job classification and collective bargaining agreements. Employee contribution is done via payroll deduction upon enrolling in the plan. Deductions are made from your pay each pay cycle.

Employee Assistance Program

TELUS Health provides free confidential counseling; consultations; referrals; and online access to hundreds of articles, toolkits, podcasts, webinars and much more. Their services are available to employees online 24/7 or by calling 1-888-267-8126. See additional information about the Employee Assistance Program.

Tuition Remission

The program covers all eligible faculty and staff, and their eligible dependents. The program includes expenses for tuition only; any other fees are not covered under the program. Eligible faculty and staff covered under collective bargaining agreements are subject to the tuition remission provisions specified in their respective agreements. See additional information about tuition remission.

Employee Home Ownership Program

The program strengthens the university’s commitment to the community by helping employees invest in home ownership. Temple provides access to several financial programs for full-time faculty and staff who purchase and reside in single family homes in the communities surrounding Main Campus and Health Sciences Center. See additional information about the Employee Home Ownership Program.

Employee Extras

Employees are offered personalized access to exclusive corporate discounts as an integral part of their complete compensation package. An array of plans and packages are available through a variety of vendors for employees and faculty members for their personal use.

In addition, employees will find information on brand name products and services that can be purchased and paid for through payroll deductions. Also, employees will also have access to an exclusive independent nationwide employee discount shopping network. Access the Employee Extras portal.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible spending accounts allow employees to contribute money, on a pretax basis, to pay for eligible healthcare, dependent care and commuter/transportation expenses. Employees do not pay federal income tax or Social Security tax on these contributions. See additional information about flexible spending accounts.

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