Temple’s Employee Home Ownership program strengthens the university’s commitment to the community by helping employees invest in home ownership. Temple provides access to several financial programs for full-time staff and faculty who purchase and reside in single family homes in the communities surrounding the Main and Health Science campuses. Eligible employees are eligible to receive forgivable loans of $4,000 or $5,000 from Temple toward the purchase of a single family home in selected zip codes. Loans will be forgiven at a rate of $83.33 per month ($1,000 per year) until the entire loan is forgiven. In addition, employees may receive additional support through the City of Philadelphia’s Home Buy Now program.

Eligibility of Benefit

The program is available to all active, full-time, permanent, non-probationary employees of Temple University. Funds will be provided directly to the closing agent at settlement. Additionally:

  • Employees will be eligible to participate in the program once in any five-year period.
  • The loan must be used for the purchase of a primary residence.
  • The benefit must be applied towards the purchase of a home in the Selected ZIP code areas.
  • The home must be used as your primary residence for the entire time period in order for Temple University to provide the loan.

Selected Zip Codes

The home purchase must be located in one of the following philadelphia zip codes:

A list of the selected zip codes with the eligible loan amount.

Zip Code

Eligible Loan Amount

















Map showing the selected Philadelphia zip codes.
Map showing the selected zip codes.

Philadelphia Home Buy Now program

Philadelphia Home Buy Now provides opportunities for employees to maximize their employer's homeownership contribution. It provides employees with home buying and financial education workshops, information on housing counseling agencies, and other housing resources.

Additional Resources

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

The agency is a non-profit organization which serves the qualified Pennsylvanians offering affordable homeownership choices, housing resources, loans, and rent assistance. Learn more about the PA Housing Finance Agency.

Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement

The organization’s mission is to strengthen households and communities by developing and preserving homeownership and affordable housing, educating disadvantaged populations to increase accessibility to economic opportunity, and encouraging the active participation of citizens in the planning and revitalization of sustainable communities. Get additional information about the Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement.

Contact Us

For questions regarding the Employee Home Ownership Program, call (215) 926-2270 or email benefits@temple.edu.