The Philadelphia Pregnancy Leave Law requires employers in the city of Philadelphia to provide eligible employees reasonable accommodation for needs and medical conditions resulting from pregnancy and childbirth; as long as the accommodation does not pose an undue hardship to the employer.

Although Philadelphia pregnancy leave may be taken in conjuction with FMLA, other university leaves and the Philadelphia domestic abuse leave, the combined duration of any such leaves including FMLA, university leaves of absence, Philadelphia domestic abuse leave, vacation time, personal days and sick time may not exceed one year.


For the purpose of this ordinance as it applies to Temple, the Philadelphia Pregnancy Leave Law provides eligible employees with the following.

  • Reasonable accommodation for pregnancy and childbirth-related medical conditions
  • Grants employment protection against discrimination due to pregnancy and childbirth
  • Applies only to the employee’s self-care
  • Temple University requires employees to use all unused sick days (if appropriate and in accordance with the university's sick leave policy), vacation and personal holidays while on leave. If an employee has exhausted all paid leave time and is not receiving disability benefits through Temple University, the balance of the leave is unpaid.


The leave only applies to employees that are either full time or regular part time (20 hours or more).

Reasonable Accommodation

As long as the accommodation does not pose an undue hardship your department, the reasonable accommodation will be provided to eligible employees as stated by the ordinance. Granting of the leave is a discretionary determination by the university.

The ordinance states that reasonable accommodation includes

  • restroom breaks,
  • periodic rest breaks,
  • assistance with manual labor,
  • maternity leave,
  • reassignment to a vacant position and
  • job restructuring.

Apply for Philadelphia Pregnancy Leave

Upon submitting your request, as practical, we will contact you within 48 hours as to the decision of the request. Additional documentation, as applicable, may be required for the application.

  • To apply, log in and navigate to TUportal > Staff Tools tab > Employee Dashboard channel. Scroll down to Additional Links and select Leave of Absence Request.
  • Or, call our office at 215-926-2282.

Advance Notice, Documentation,and Return to Work

It is highly recommended that an employee on Philadelphia pregnancy leave make reasonable effort to schedule time away so as not to disrupt your department’s operation. Under the law, Temple University may require additional documentation, as applicable, upon an employee's return to work.

Contact Us

For questions regarding the Philadelphia pregnancy leave, call 215-926-2282 or email