The performance development system (PDS) is the university’s web-based system and resource for facilitating and documenting conversations and plans for developing employees and managing performance. Employee performance development plans (PDPs) created in this system should be updated and referenced frequently to ensure progress toward performance and learning goals, and to establish a mutual understanding of expectations between employees and their supervisors.

The goals and purposes of the PDS are to

  • align employee goals, skills, talents and performance outcomes with the university’s vision, mission and goals.
  • build a “learning organization” culture by supporting opportunities for employees, at all organizational levels, to increase their skills and competencies.
  • clarify job expectations and performance standards.
  • increase individual, unit and organizational productivity through goal setting and development planning, coaching, continuous learning, feedback and evaluation.
  • link recognition and reward to performance.

To access the university’s web-based performance development system and a step-by-step guide to effective use, click on the Performance Development System link in TUportal > TUApplications menu, or go directly to

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