Many departments within Human Resources offer free training throughout the year to help employees perform at their best. See current open courses. If you do not see the course you need, send an email to with your suggestions!

How do I register for a training program?

Browse the Learning Library to find a course that you are interested in. After obtaining supervisor permission, simply click Enroll on the program to view more information, then click Register. You will receive an email reminder about the program. This reminder will include a calendar invite for the program so that you can add it right to your calendar.

How do I cancel my registration?

If you can no longer attend a training program, visit your My Learning page, scroll to the program you wish to unregister from, click Reschedule then click Unregister. Please note: Don't worry if you notice the program is still on your My Learning page. It will be cleared off by an administrator.

What is learning and development and how is it different from training?

Learning and development (L&D) involves analyzing a situation and making recommendations on how to improve a work unit’s functioning. Sometimes an L&D intervention may involve a training program but may also include coaching, mentoring, process analysis, mediation, and meeting/retreat planning and facilitation.

How do I schedule a training program for my department?

If you are a unit head and would like a program tailored and delivered to your staff as a group, please contact us at 7-2215 or email and we will meet with you to schedule or even design a course that is just right for you and your staff!

Can I schedule one-on-one coaching?

If you feel you would benefit from one-on-one coaching, L&D will do our best to accommodate you. If you have not yet, look through the course offerings for the semester and see if the workshops touch upon issues you feel you need assistance with first. If you feel you need more individual help, we will be glad to meet with you and other people in your work unit if appropriate to help you perform at your best. Contact us at 7-2215 or email for more information on coaching.

Bridge Manager Summary

In order to promote faculty and staff accountability and 100% university legal compliance, the manager summary is generated when one or more employees in your reporting line are overdue or ​near overdue on a universitywide mandatory compliance training program. For more information, see frequently asked questions for the bridge manager summary.

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