Learning and Development’s (L&D) signature programs are designed to appeal to the highest-level university learners. They are continually refreshed with the most up-to-date content available to the L&D design team. Below are some of the most popular signature programs. Please contact us to request additional information.

Content for Managers & People Leaders

HR Learning & Development offers a suite of live virtual and on-demand e-Learning courses designed to help university leaders expand and hone their supervisory and leadership skills. These offerings are continually refreshed to ensure that L&D is providing the most applicable training topics and content available. 

Some of our live virtual courses offered include:

  • Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know
  • Stay Interviews
  • PEER Today, BOSS Tomorrow: Successful Transition to Leadership
  • Creating an Environment of Psychological Safety
  • Managing a Hybrid Workforce
  • Performance Management 101
  • Attendance 101
  • Unions 101

Management Academy

The Management Academy is a specialized program designed for high-performing/high-potential mid-level employees at the university. This multi-part 6-month cohort certificate program is designed to help employees learn how to lead and influence their peers and direct reports to achieve better performance, engagement, and accountability through a series of professional learning courses and activities. Management Academy focuses on financial management, overcoming change, and fostering collaboration.

Management Academy courses include:

  • Take Flight DiSC Assessment
  • Money Matters 
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Avoid Groupthink: How to Encourage Independent Thinking
  • Managing Up: How to work with Senior Leadership to yield results
  • Champion of Change: Guiding Change and Transition
  • Follow Me: Leadership at Temple

The International Educators' Academy - Temporarily Unavailable

The International Educators' Academy is a multiday certificate program created to support and promote international education, research, cultural competence and entrepreneurial efforts at Temple University. The program is designed to enhance the university’s international and global leadership capacity.

Supervisory Certificate Program

While the way we work is different, the need to continuously learn remains a priority.  Supervisory responsibilities have expanded to cover people in the office, at home, or in other remote locations away from home. HR’s Learning and Development team have completed a comprehensive redesign of their Supervisory Academy to address the changing environments in which supervisors now supervise.

The Supervisory Certificate Program is similar to an academic certificate program with required core courses and electives. Upon documenting completion of all six core courses and a minimum of four elective courses, supervisors receive a certificate of completion for display.

Required courses include:

  • Unions 101
  • Performance Management 101
  • Attendance 101
  • PDP 101
  • Workers’ Compensation & FMLA
  • Inclusive Supervision

Live elective courses include:

  • Managing a Hybrid Workforce
  • The First Hundred Days
  • Creating an Environment of Psychological Safety
  • ADA and the Supervisor
  • From Peer to Supervisor

LinkedIn Learning elective courses include:

  • How to Resolve Conflicts
  • Embracing Conflict as a Gift
  • How to Resolve Conflict and Boost Productivity

Inclusive Supervision Program

In support of the University’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, IDEAL and Human Resources are excited to present the Inclusive Supervision Program, a three-session professional development opportunity for supervisors. Through the program we will discuss workplace approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion and share best practices to enhance your supervisory competence in this domain.

Please note that attendance is required at all of the following workshops:

  • Understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Building an Inclusive Workplace
  • Committing to the Practice of Inclusive Leadership

Contact Us

For questions regarding our signature programs, email pds@temple.edu.