Learning and Development’s (L&D) multisession signature programs are designed to appeal to the highest-level university learners. They are continually refreshed with the most up-to-date content available to the L&D design team. Below are some of the most popular signature programs. Please contact us to request additional information.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy (LA) is a premier professional development program offered exclusively to eligible full-time faculty and senior-level administrators recognized as rising leaders. The academy continues to demonstrate Temple University’s commitment to building and sustaining the institution’s leadership capacity by preparing high-potential organizational leaders for new or increasingly complex leadership roles. 

Leadership Academy meets in a multisession format. Topics include, but are not limited to

  • the five practices of exemplary leadership,
  • organizational systems theory,
  • money matters (one-on-one with Temple’s CFO),
  • university leaders panel,
  • strategic thinking,
  • emotional intelligence, and
  • conflict management and influence.

Management Academy

The Management Academy (MA) is a specialized program designed for high-performing/high-potential mid-level employees at the university. The academy is designed to

  • define professional development, career development, leadership, and organizational opportunities and realities.
  • provide an overview of Temple University, its culture and structure, the university’s strategic initiatives, and how finances impact institutional planning.
  • expose participants to more senior-level organizational leaders for mentoring and networking opportunities.
  • identify key administrative and interpersonal skills needed to progress at Temple University.

The International Educators' Academy

The International Educators' Academy is a multiday certificate program created to support and promote international education, research, cultural competence and entrepreneurial efforts at Temple University. The program is designed to enhance the university’s international and global leadership capacity.

Supervisory Academy

This comprehensive multisession program for new or veteran supervisors is designed to strengthen participant’s supervisory and leadership skills. Supervisory Academy provides participants opportunities to practice supervisory skills in a safe and collaborative learning environment, network and learn from colleagues, and learn how to access and use critical HR systems.

Contact Us

For questions regarding our signature programs, email pds@temple.edu.