Temple University employees who are non-residents of Philadelphia may be eligible to request a refund for the city wage tax withheld from their pay during the calendar year. Eligible employees may file for this tax refund if one of the following applies to the employment at Temple University:

  • The employee works from a remote location outside of Philadelphia.
  • The employee has entered into a remote or flexible written work arrangement approved by HR, placing their work location outside Philadelphia.
  • The employee's work assignment requires traveling outside of Philadelphia for university business.

The request for the city wage tax refund does not apply to Philadelphia residents who are subject to this wage tax withholding, or employees working at home at their discretion strictly for their own convenience.

When to Submit a Request

City wage tax refund requests can be submitted to the Payroll Management office throughout the calendar year but must be received no later than Dec. 4 to be included in the final pay of the year. Requests received after that date will be returned and the employee will need to wait until April 1 of the following year to complete a City of Philadelphia Wage Tax Petition. The completed petition must be returned to our office for review and processing.

Ongoing reduction in city wage tax withheld can by requested by updating work location allocation in accordance with PA Act 32 regulations. To perform this update, log in and navigate to TUportal > Staff Tools tab > Pay and Tax Information channel. All employees are required to keep this information current and any change in work location or permanent address must be submitted immediately.

How to Submit a Request

Eligible employees must submit a completed City Wage Tax Refund Application Form. To access the form, login and navigate to TUportal > Staff Tools tab > University Forms channel and search for city wage tax refund application form.

The form must be approved by an authorized person/department head in your department. In addition to submitting the completed form, you must also provide detailed documentation supporting the requirement to work outside of Philadelphia.

The request must be submitted to the Payroll Management department via the Employee Document Upload channel located within the Staff Tools tab in TUportal.

Contact Us

For questions regarding city wage tax refund, call 215-926-2245 or email tupaytax@temple.edu.