Employees and volunteers who must obtain certifications include, but are not limited to, those who have direct contact with minors

  • in connection with any camp, clinic, mentoring or outreach program, or similar activity with minors, to include laboratory experiences.
  • in a traditional child care, elementary or secondary school setting.
  • in a clinical practice or while engaged in research involving minors.
  • in accelerated programs that are available to minors who are also enrolled in a secondary school.
  • in a covered program defined by Human Resources.
  • in any other manner not mentioned that would involve direct contact with minors.

If there is uncertainty about whether a specific employee, volunteer or group thereof requires certification(s), consult with the Office of Background Checks and Compliance. When an employee is no longer required to interact with a minor or their employment is terminated, a department authorized officer must submit written documentation to remove the employee from the requirement of obtaining child abuse certifications.

Covered Programs

Covered programs include programs, activities, and events that serve minors conducted by or on behalf of Temple University and/or taking place on any domestic university campus, whether for academic, athletic, recreational or other purposes.

Excluded Programs 

Covered programs do not include any university undergraduate or graduate academic programs in which matriculated minors are enrolled for academic credit, including research programs subject to the review and approval of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) sponsored by or authorized by the university to provide oversight concerning such research programs, as well as events on campus that are open to the general public and which minors may attend at the discretion of their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Contact Us

For questions regarding child abuse certifications, call 215-204-5512 or email HRBackgroundcheck@temple.edu.