The child abuse certification process is automatically initiated for new hires through Temple University’s Applicant Tracking System, Taleo (staff, student, adjunct), or the Hire Workflow (graduate assistantship, postdocs, faculty) when YES is selected for the compliance question, “Has direct contact or routine interaction with minors…”


When certifications are not required or requested at the time of hire, it is the responsibility of the direct manager to request certifications. This process would apply to an existing employee with a new job responsibility interacting with a minor or for those serving as a volunteer (unpaid staff) on campus. The request for child abuse certifications must be submitted 60 days prior to the start of any activity interacting with minors to ensure ample processing time. Direct managers may request child abuse certifications via


A Short-term Activity Disclosure Application may be considered when the defined criteria for its use are met. If an individual will not have one-to-one contact with a minor; if the activity with minors is a one-time occurrence that will not exceed five (5) consecutive calendar days in duration; if the individual will be in the immediate vicinity of a Temple supervising staff member at all times that is authorized to interact with minors, they may submit a Short-term Activity Disclosure Application for consideration (see forms).

Volunteer certifications are not valid for employment. The Office of Background Checks and Compliance does not process, collect, analyze or store contractor (non-Temple employee) certifications or those receiving academic credit. It is the responsibility of the program administrator to ensure compliance of contractors and students on campus.

Certification Process

The process of obtaining child abuse certification is a multistep process. Temple utilizes the following state-approved vendors to conduct background checks.

Child Welfare Portal

The Child Welfare Portal is used for applicant to apply for the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance online. See a sample of the Child Abuse History Certification.


IdentoGO is the exclusive livescan fingerprinting provider for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is a certified FBI channeling agent. IdentoGO is used to apply for the Federal Criminal History Record. See a sample of the Federal Criminal History Record.

Temple University Public Safety Fingerprinting Services

Campus Safety Services offers digital fingerprinting to the Temple University family at the Bell Administrative Office located at 1600 N. Park Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19122 by appointment only. You must be preenrolled through IdentoGO to be fingerprinted. You will be required to show the ID selected during your preenrollment on the IdentoGO website. To schedule an appointment, go to

Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH)

PATCH enables the public to obtain criminal history record checks through its online platform. Sample of criminal history record.

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