Temple University is responsible for ensuring that employees and volunteers have complied with applicable laws and policies by completing requisite background checks to start their employment with the university. The university through HR conducts several types of background checks internally and externally through a partnership with HireRight LLC. The background checks are in accordance with applicable laws, university policies and industry practice standards. The checks include but are not limited to

  • child abuse certifications for those who interact with minors, 
  • driver motor vehicle for those who operate university vehicles, 
  • cash handling for those who have financial responsibility for the university,
  • criminal history and civil ligation for those with access to confidential or personally identifiable information (PII),
  • OIG Sanction for those who work in healthcare clinic settings, and
  • drug enforcement agency for those who would interact with narcotic substances and chemicals.

Refer to the information below to learn more about the university’s background checks and compliance process.

Child Abuse Certifications

Temple University has a demonstrated longstanding commitment to the safety and protection of minors on campus by requiring individuals in positions with significant likelihood of contact with minors to complete mandatory background checks. We continue to be committed to protecting minors and ensuring university compliance with employment laws in the state of Pennsylvania. Learn more about child abuse certifications.

HireRight LLC Service Provider

HireRight LLC is the background screening provider that Temple University uses for the pre- and post-employment background check process. Depending on the type of employment, the results of these background investigations will identify any civil court matters, criminal history, driving record, healthcare sanctions and past employment. The university conducts background checks in order to verify the accuracy of an individual’s application, assess a candidate’s suitability for a particular position, and maintain the safety and security of the individual at the university.

Forms and Guides

Background Check Forms

The background check forms are accessible via the University Forms channel under the Staff Tools tab in TUportal. Using the search function, you can search by form name, office, department, school/college and/or category.


Temple University fosters a learning environment and thrives on creating opportunities for staff to educate themselves. The guides are designed to ensure that procedural information is shared with the Temple community. The instructions and images included in the guides are subject to change.

Temple University Background Check Policy

Failure to comply with university policy may lead to suspension without pay or termination. Learn more and read Temple University's policies on background checks and compliance.

Contact Us

For questions regarding background checks, call 215-204-5512 or email HRBackgroundcheck@temple.edu.