In order to facilitate a quick, convenient and safe way to pay our employees, Temple uses direct deposit as its preferred means to electronically remit payment. The transfer can be directed to a personal checking or saving account at a financial institution of your choice.

Enrollment is done at the time of hire, and changes are made securely in the Staff Tools tab in TUportal. Please allow sufficient time for direct deposit to begin, or when making changes. In the interim, you will receive a paper check mailed to your permanent address pending your bank account verification.

Paycheck/Direct Deposit Advice

The university paycheck and/or direct deposit advice provides employees with a detailed Statement of Employee Earnings and Deductions. This statement should be retained for your records and not discarded. The statement is organized into the following sections.

Taxes and Deductions

Temple University is required to withhold federal, state and local taxes from each pay you receive and remit to the appropriate taxing authority. In addition, we are required to list these deductions on your paycheck showing your wage paid and taxes withheld. At end of the tax year, as required by Internal Revenue Service, a Wage and Tax Statement (Form W-2) will be issued to you. Note that the information presented below is in accordance with federal, state and local taxing authority regulations. See additional information on taxes and deductions.

Contact Us

If you require additional assistance with the direct deposit process, call 215-926-2244 or email