Log in and navigate to the Blue Cross member portal > Health & Well-Being tab > Earn Rewards to access the program. From the rewards page, you will have access to the challenge schedules.

The wellness challenges are designed to be fun activities that encourage you to maintain or adopt a healthy behavior while you compete against fellow employees. Challenges can either be individual or group-based participation. Participants earn reward points as milestones are completed. There are a variety of challenges available. Overall, the objective of a challenge is to help you achieve your health goal while having fun.

"Meditative Practices Challenge"

The “Meditative Practices Challenge” encourages you to engage in some type of meditative practice as these practices help promote mind/body relaxation. Join the Meditative Practices Challenge to help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

"Evening Routine Challenge"

The “Evening Routine Challenge” encourages you to follow a bedtime routine at a similar time daily. It can not only help you wind down but can also improve your sleep. Join the Evening Routine Challenge to help prepare both mind and body for a restful sleep.

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For questions regarding the Total Wellness Program, call 215-926-2285 or email TotalWellness@temple.edu.