Participation in the Total Wellness program allows employees to earn and redeem rewards as well as premium monthly discounts.

Program Year

July to June


Full-time employees and faculty member must be enrolled in one of the university’s medical plans—Personal Choice, Keystone Health Plan East or Personal Choice PPO/High Deductible.

Required Activities

To qualify for the $25 monthly health plan premium discount, you MUST complete the three required activities listed below and earned the $200 in rewards during the program year.

  1. Well-being profile
  2. Complete the MyStrength Screener Assessment
  3. Complete an annual physical with your Primary Health Physician

Earning Rewards

Employees can redeem up to $200 in rewards and qualify for a $25 monthly health plan premium discount. Rewards are redeemable in the form of e-gift cards via the Blue Cross member portal. The $25 monthly health plan premium discount is applied the following fiscal year. Total reward value is up to $500 based on participation level.

To begin earning reward dollars, you must participate in and complete program activities throughout the plan year. An activity is assigned a certain number of reward dollars. As you complete the activity, you earn the reward dollars. The reward dollars can then be redeemed for equivalent rewards.

Tracking and Redeeming Rewards

To be eligible to begin redeeming rewards, you MUST first complete the three required activities. These activities can be completed at any point during the program year.

Throughout the plan year, earned reward dollars for completed program activities will accumulate in a pending status under the rewards bar in the Blue Cross member portal until the three required activities are completed. After completing the three required activities, the earned credits will be transferred from the pending status to the available status ready to be redeemed. The earned rewards dollars redeemed via request through the Blue Cross member portal and issued in the form of e-gift cards. 

E-gift cards include Amazon, Dunkin, Best Buy and many more. You have the option of choosing a combination of e-gift cards not to exceed $200. You must redeem all your rewards by the end of the program year, on June 30. 

Get Started

Log in and navigate to the Blue Cross member portal > Health & Well-Being tab > Earn Rewards to access the program. From the rewards page, you will have access to the Achieve Well-being tools and program activities. Begin earning credits by participating in activities and challenges available under the program. Click here for detailed information about getting started.

Contact Us

For questions regarding the Total Wellness program, call 215-926-2285 or email