Included in the Total Wellness program are opportunities for health screenings and counseling, virtual programs, and seminars and webinars. These opportunities are specifically aimed at helping employees develop healthy habits while also providing education on the importance of maintaining the right balance of physical and mental well-being.

Health Screening & Counseling

On-site Biometric Screening

Biometric screenings check and measure your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The health information derived from the screening is important for developing an effective wellness plan. If you cannot make it to an IBC screening, check with your doctor's office to see if they can provide you with the health screening. (There are no appointments at this time.)

Virtual Programs

Nutritional Counseling Sessions

The counseling service is provided by Family Food, LLC, a participating Independence Blue Cross (IBC) provider. Employees are eligible for up to six meetings with a registered dietitian to discuss nutritional goals and a tailor a plan to meet your needs.

To schedule an appointment or register, go to If the scheduled times are not convenient for you, you can schedule an appointment with an IBC participating provider.

Mindfulness and Yoga Sessions

Prasada offers a series of programs and online classes designed to inspire, engage and empower you to create lasting healthy habits. Through these programs, you will learn habits of awareness for the mind and body. Registration is required to participate in or attend classes. If you cannot make a session, recording are available and will be posted online.

Exercise and Nutritional Sessions

AREUFIT Health Services, Inc. is the leading provider of preventive health screenings, health education and wellness services to area companies as well as individuals. They offer a series of health education workshops focusing on exercise and nutrition. Learn more and register for workshops.

Seminars & Webinars


This 25-minute course will teach you how to use exercise to reduce your risk of chronic disease, relieve stress, achieve a healthy body weight and reduce symptoms of depression. Access the Exercise seminar.

Reading Food Labels

This 25-minute online course shows you how to analyze the nutritional value of the food you eat so you can make healthier food choices. You will learn how to read and understand the nutrition information on labels, identify important nutrients, and spot unhealthy ingredients and allergens. Access the Reading Food Labels seminar.

Financial Webinars

These are educational and planning seminars designed to assist you with your current and future financial planning. The sessions are provided by TIAA and Fidelity Investments on behalf of Temple University. Both organizations are vendors for the university’s employee retirement savings plan.

To access financial educational seminars and webinars,

How to contact TIAA or Fidelity Investments to setup the financial webinar.


Fidelity Investments

- Go to
- Scroll down to Financial Education & Insights
- Login and register for a TIAA live webinar or select the Resource Center to find on-demand programs.

- Go to
- Log in to access your account
- Select Library to access available programs.


In this 25-minute course, you will learn about one of the best things you can do to improve your health: manage stress. You’ll discover how to identify types of stress and triggers, how to reduce your risk of disease and how to overcome stress through simple relaxation techniques. Access the Stress seminar.

Heart Healthy

Essential for anyone who wants to learn more about heart health, this online course can teach you

  • different types of cardiovascular disease,
  • symptoms and risk factors, and
  • simple lifestyle changes that can help you and your loved ones stay healthy.

Access the Heart Healthy seminar.

Tobacco Cessation

This 25-minute online course will help you identify and manage your personal health risk factors such as tobacco and nicotine addiction. The upbeat and informative course will enable you to learn about your health risk factors and to understand how you can lead a healthier life. Learn more about completing the Tobacco Cessation seminar or access the Tobacco Cessation seminar.

Know Your Numbers (Biometric)

This 25-minute online course will help you identify and manage your personal health risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and weight. The upbeat and informative course, delivered by a qualified health educator, will enable you to learn about your health risk factors and to understand how you can lead a healthier life. Access the Know Your Numbers seminar.


LifeWorks blends the employee assistance program (EAP) with personalized well-being resources that can support you and your dependents with issues related to family, health, life, money and work. EAP is offered through LifeWorks to all full-time university faculty and staff. Learn more about EAP.

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