Temporary employees are hired to support short-term employment needs that may arise from an employee leave of absence or a special project. Temporary employees can be hired directly through HR or by working with one of our approved staffing agencies. The work assignment may be for full-time or part-time hours, but it may not exceed three months without prior approval from HR.

University Temporary Employee

To hire a temporary employee using the university’s recruitment process, you must submit a requisition through Taleo and work with your HR business partner and talent acquisition specialist.

Staffing Agency Temporary Employee

To hire a temporary employee using a staffing agency, you must be authorized to make hiring decisions for your department and be an approved user of the TempStaffWeb system. Using the TempStaffWeb system, authorized users can submit an order for temporary employee support to any of our approved staffing agencies.

Access To TempStaffWeb

To obtain access to the TempStaffWeb system, your department administrator must send an email to HRtemp@temple.edu to request access for you. The email must include your name, TUid number, title, department, email address and all FOP (Fund-Org-Program) numbers for which you are authorized to make temporary staff hiring decisions.

Contact Us

For questions regarding temporary staffing, call 215-204-3317 or email HRtemp@temple.edu.