The Taleo Talent Management System supports the entire hiring process including recruitment, offer management and onboarding for administrative staff, adjuncts, educational support professionals, noncredit instructors and student workers.

Below is information to help you with using the the Taleo Talent Management System.

Quick Reference Instructions

The summaries below are quick reference guides for completing specific steps or actions. They can also be used to find and understand icons or information in Taleo. For detailed instruction, refer to the step-by-step manuals.

Step By Step Manuals

These manuals illustrate the recruitment process from beginning to end in complete detail for every type of employee hired with Taleo. To easily find the guidance you seek, refer to the table of contents in the beginning of each manual.

Taleo On-Demand Training

The documents below supplement our manuals and training sessions. Select the hyperlink within the documents to access the short, topic-related videos.

Training reference documents for Taleo Fluid training.

Staff Overview

Adjunct Overview

Student Worker Overview

Contact Us

For questions regarding the Temple University Taleo Talent Management system, call
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