Temple University has contracted with three national moving companies to provide authorized employees with relocation assistance at discounted rates.

The Process

If a hiring manager has offered financial assistance for a move, the designated representative from the school, college or administrative department must contact the selected moving company to authorize moving expenses. The Human Resources team maintains a list of individuals who are authorized to approve relocation. This list is periodically updated and distributed to the moving companies. If you have questions regarding an approver for your area, contact your HR business partner.

Approved relocation expenses will be directly invoiced to the school, college or administrative department that authorized the move only when one of our contracted vendors is used.  The amount invoiced should not exceed the authorized dollar amount; these amounts will also be included in the employee’s taxable income. Any additional expenses that are not reimbursed are the responsibility of the employee.  Should an employee decide to use a moving company other than our contracted companies, they will be invoiced directly, and receipts must be submitted to Accounts Payable through Concur for reimbursement. Accounts Payable will provide Payroll with this information, so the reimbursement can be included in the employee’s income.

Summary of Benefits

  • FREE in-home consultation.
  • Special bottom-line discounts of 63% off interstate moving.
  • Storage-in-transit discounts of 50% off normal rates.
  • You will be assigned a move coordinator to assist with your relocation from start to finish.
  • Quality labor certification programs including certified packers and loaders.
  • FREE full replacement valuation (insurance) up to $75,000 with $0 deductible.

Assistance Limit

It is recommended that the amount of relocation assistance offered be no more than 10% of an employee’s annual base salary. Any amount in excess of 10% for nonfaculty employees should be reviewed by Human Resources.

IRS Regulation

All relocation expenses paid to, or on the behalf of, an employee are taxable to the employee. This includes, but is not limited to, the cost of moving household goods from the former residence to the new residence, the cost of travel from the former residence to the new residence (including lodging during the period of travel), premove house-hunting expenses, temporary housing fees and meals.

In accordance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, the university is required to withhold all applicable federal, state and local tax deductions on these reimbursements and will report all payments made in accordance with federal and state law. Payroll taxes will be withheld on the value of all reimbursements and reported to the IRS as income on the employee’s W-2 form. Additional information regarding the taxability of moving expenses is available on the IRS website.

Vendor Information

Relocation vendor information

Corrigan Moving Systems
Marybeth Galardi

Siracusa Moving and Storage
Morzana DiDomenico
860-259-0241 Relocation Only

Armstrong Relocation
John Silvernail

Contact Us

For questions regarding relocation assistance, call 215-204-3317.