Temple University offers benefits to eligible domestic partners of nonbargaining unit employees and to bargaining unit employees whose contract provides for such benefits. To be eligible, the employee must certify that they are a member of a domestic partnership under Temple University’s domestic partnership policy. For eligibility requirements, see below.

Domestic Partner Policy

Eligible employees must certify that they are in domestic partnership by completing the Declaration of Domestic Partner Status form. The form is available via TUportal > Staff Tools tab > University Forms channel. Return the completed Domestic Partner Status form with supporting documents to Benefits Administration. The list of acceptable supporting documents, as well as instruction on how to submit the package, is included in the form. Employee should also review the information regarding the tax treatment of domestic partner benefits coverage.

Certified domestic partners and/or the dependent children of a certified domestic partner are eligible to enroll in the same benefits available to employees electing coverage for their spouse and/or their covered children. However, there may be additional tax implications for such coverage.

Domestic Partner Benefits Tax Treatment

IRS regulation Code Section 152 requires that Temple University include the value of the benefits provided to certified domestic partners who do not qualify as a spouse or dependent. The value of the benefit(s) is treated as a pretax deduction taxable to the faculty member or employee.

Contact Us

For questions regarding domestic partner benefits, call 215-926-2270 or email benefits@temple.edu.