Temple University offers health insurance to all full-time employees, faculty members and their eligible dependents. The plans include medical, prescription, dental and vision. Eligible part-time employees are offered medical and prescription coverage. All full-time employees and faculty members enrolled in a health plan are eligible to participate in the Total Wellness program, an opportunity to redeem wellness rewards and qualify for a health plan premium discount. Refer to the information below to learn more about the university’s health insurance plans.

Full-time Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance is available to all full-time employees, faculty members and their eligible dependents. Eligible dependents include the employee’s spouse and biological, adopted and/or step children under the age of 26. Domestic Partner coverage is available for employees with domestic partnership certification in accordance with Temple University’s policy.

Eligible dependent children are covered through the end of the month in which they reach the age of 26 under the medical and prescription coverages. For dental and vision coverages, they are covered through the end of the year in which they reach age 23. Get more information about our full-time health insurance plan.

Part-time Health Insurance Plan

In accordance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), part-time employees who are regularly scheduled for at least 30 hours per week, or who have averaged more than 30 hours per week over the applicable annual measurement period, are eligible to enroll in the personal choice high deductible plan and CVS Caremark prescription. Get more information about our part-time health insurance plan.

Total Wellness Program

The Total Wellness program provides tools, resources and challenging activities to help improve and maintain your overall health and well-being. The program focuses on your physical, emotional, social and financial well-being.

Transparency in Coverage

The Transparency in Coverage Rule (TCR) requires health plans and plan sponsors to make in-network and out-of‑network machine‑readable files available to the public by July 1, 2022.
Transparency in coverage helps consumers know the cost of a covered item or service before receiving care.

Contact Us

For questions regarding our health insurance plans, call 215-926-2270 or email benefits@temple.edu.

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