Temple University provides Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage to employees as defined by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Faculty, staff, student workers, work-study students and recognized volunteers are considered employees for purposes of workers' compensation coverage. This program provides medical and/or wage loss benefits to employees who suffer an injury or illness in the course and scope of their employment. Employees are required to report all work-related accidents and illnesses immediately to their supervisor, even if they do not require medical treatment.

Workers' Compensation Policy

All employees and supervisors must promptly and properly report workers’ compensation incidents, and employees must receive appropriate medical treatment for work-related injuries and/or illnesses.

Panel of Healthcare Providers

Refers to the posted list of healthcare providers designated by Temple University to be utilized by injured and/or ill employees during the first 90 days of medical care, if needed. Temple University Workers' Compensation Panel of Healthcare Providers.

Medical Treatment For Work Injury and/or Illness

The First 90 Days of Treatment

During the first 90 days of treatment, employees MUST be provided medical treatment by a panel healthcare provider. Employees seeking treatment from a nonpanel healthcare provider during the first 90 days will jeopardize reimbursement by Temple University. If, during the 90-day period, an employee wishes to change healthcare providers, they may do so provided the visit is to another panel healthcare provider.

After 90 Days of Treatment

After the first 90-day period of treatment, an employee may choose to

  • continue treatment from the posted physician or specialist to whom the employee was referred, or
  • seek treatment from another duly licensed healthcare provider, provided that the employee notifies the claims administrator within five (5) days of the first visit to the nonpanel healthcare provider. Contact the claims administrator at 215-926-2272.
  • continue treatment until discharged by the healthcare provider.

What to Do if You Are Injured at Work

Summary of what to do if an employee is injured at work.

1. Report the injury and/or illness, regardless of how minor, to your supervisor at the time of the incident.

6. Send a copy of the Workers’ Compensation Incident Report and Rights and Responsibilities Forms to the Absence Management Department via fax 215-926-2274, or email workcomp@temple.edu.

2. If you need emergency treatment, call or have someone else call Campus Safety at 215-204-1234. If you are off campus, call 911. Or, go directly to Temple Hospital’s Emergency Room or the nearest emergency room for treatment. For follow-up treatment, follow instruction step 6.

7. For nonemergency care, seek treatment from one of the healthcare providers listed on our panel. You are required to treat with the university’s healthcare providers for the first 90 days of care.

3. Complete your portion of a Workers’ Compensation Incident Report Form. You can get the form from your supervisor, Employee Health Services, Occupational Health Services or by reaching out to the Absence Management Department.

8. Incidents involving a work-related fatality, a hospitalization, an amputation or the loss of an eye must be reported immediately to Temple University’s Department of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety at 215-707-2520 or ehrs@temple.edu.

4. Present the completed Workers’ Compensation Incident Report Form to your supervisor.

9. Continue treatment until discharged by the healthcare provider.

5. Have your supervisor review the Rights and Responsibilities Form with you. Then sign it in the appropriate space.

10. Contact the Workers’ Compensation Office at 215-926-2282 or at workcomp@temple.edu if you have any questions.

Other Provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act

Contact Us

For questions regarding workers’ compensation, call 215-926-2282 or email workcomp@temple.edu.