Temple University strives to provide a safe working environment for all stakeholders. This means we need to ensure that all areas on campus are safe and free of hazards. Any unsafe space needs to be properly marked and secured accordingly. If needed, notify the appropriate university office of the hazard as soon as it is recognized, or contact Campus Safety Services at 215-204-1234.

Safety Guidelines

When a supervisor is informed of a workplace incident or receives an Incident Report Form, follow these guidelines.  

  • Investigate the area cautiously and determine if a risk and/or hazard exists.
  • Using your best judgement, take the necessary steps to mitigate the situation. If needed, contact Absence Management, Environment Health and Radiation Safety (EHRS), and/or Campus Safety Services.
  • Determine if anyone needs help.
  • If an employee is injured, provide the employee the Workers' Compensation Incident Report and Employee Rights and Responsibilities forms to complete. The injured employee may prefer to decline treatment. If so, that preference can be indicated on the form.
  • Ensure both forms are properly completed while also verifying that the pertinent information is provided.
  • If the injured person is not an employee, it is recommended that you still provide the person the Workers' Compensation Incident Report Form to complete.

Report the Incident

When an employee is injured at work, it is important that upon notification or receiving an Incident Report Form, their supervisor follow these steps.

  • Review the Workers' Compensation Incident Report and Employee Rights and Responsibilities forms for completeness.
  • Follow up with the employee to ascertain their well-being.
  • Expeditiously forward the Workers' Compensation Incident Report and Employee Rights and Responsibilities forms to the Absence Management Department.
  • Incidents involving a work-related fatality, a hospitalization, an amputation or the loss of an eye must be reported immediately to Temple University’s Department of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety at 215-707-2520 or ehrs@temple.edu.
  • Contact the Absence Management Department if you have any questions, require clarity or want to follow up.

Absence Management will provide direction on how to manage the employee and coordinate the claims administration.

Contact Us

For questions regarding workers’ compensation, call 215-926-2273 or email workcomp@temple.edu.