Temple University strives to ensure that all employees who are injured on the job receive proper medical treatment as required under the Workers’ Compensation Act. Every occupational illness and/or injury must be reported, regardless of how minor. These reports will be investigated to ensure the receipt of medical and/or disability benefits due the employee.

Injured at Work

If you are injured while working, you are required to report your injury to your supervisor immediately, even if you do not require medical treatment. You will be asked to complete an incident report form outlining the specifics of the incident. Complete your portion of the Workers’ Compensation Incident Report Form. You can get the form from your supervisor, Employee Health Services, Occupational Health Services or by reaching out to the Absence Management Department.

Reporting the Incident

Employees must report any work-related illness or injury to their supervisor so that the supervisor can arrange for immediate medical care if needed (including transportation), complete all required reports and documents in a timely and accurate manner, and report the incident to the Absence Management Department.

The employee is required to complete the following Temple University forms. Your supervisor will provide you these forms.

  • Incident Report Form, and
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities Form.

The Employee Rights and Responsibility form can also be accessed via the University Forms channel under the Staff Tools tab in TUportal. Using the search function, you can search by form name, office, department, school/college and/or category. 

The completed forms can be returned to the Absence Management Department via fax at (215) 926-2274 or email workcomp@temple.edu.

Medical Treatment

If you require medical treatment, you must treat with one of the posted healthcare providers for 90 days from the date of your first visit. Referrals to nonpanel healthcare providers prescribed by our panel provider will be covered.

As a convenience, employees located on Main Campus can seek treatment with the posted care physician at Employee Health Services. For those located on the Health Sciences Center, you may seek treatment with the posted care provider at Occupational Health Services.

Information for panel physician on Main Campus and Health Sciences Campus

Main Campus

Health Sciences Center

Employee Health Services
Ben Hur Mobo, MD
Temple University, Main Campus
1700 N. Broad St., 4th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Tel.: 215-204-2679

Temple Occupational Health Services
Temple University Hospital
Rock Pavilion, Basement
3401 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Tel.: 215-707-4455

Treatment or services provided by nonpanel healthcare providers may not be paid by Temple. Therefore, you should consult with the Absence Management Department before unauthorized services are rendered.

You must attend all follow-up appointments until discharged from care. If unable to attend the scheduled appointment, you must contact the care provider about rescheduling.

Contact Us

For questions regarding workers’ compensation, call 215-926-2273 or email workcomp@temple.edu.