Temple University’s Office of Community and Outreach and Hiring/Human Resources liaise with surrounding neighborhood residents, local politicians, community leaders, local corporations, professional associations, faith-based groups and other community institutions and individuals to create a talent pool of qualified applicants (from the surrounding neighborhood) for potential hiring at Temple University, our vendors, and/or with other local employers.

Temple University is committed to creating good-will and opportunities within our neighboring communities.  Great emphasis is made to identify qualified applicants from a neighborhood territory surrounding Temple University and its Health System campuses.  The territory includes an eight zip code geography.

The Office of Community and Outreach and Hiring/Human Resources provides special job readiness training workshops for neighborhood residents.  These monthly workshops are designed to equip surrounding neighborhood residents with vital information and practical instructions on how to upgrade their professionalism and workforce readiness skills.  Job leads from Temple University and other employers are routinely shared during these workshops.

Collaborative Community Partnerships

The Office of Community and Outreach and Hiring believes is building successful collaborations with campus faculty, administrators, student leadership groups and alumni.  Such collaborations help us bring higher quality services and resources to the community neighbors/job seekers we serve.  Additionally, we are committed to always collaborating with our employer partners, other stakeholders, community groups, local leaders, a sampling include:

For more information about any of the above described programs and services offered by Temple University Office of Human Resources, please reach out to Michael Robinson, M.S., Director-Community Outreach and Hiring.

Outreach and Hiring Programs